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Looks like Apple pencil unboxing

hahaha good purchase and nice packaging

As good as new

Good packaging! Delivery was super fast and the electrode strips were relatively easy to change.

Cost effective

Really nice of the Raynatics Team to initiate this solution of starter kits. Provides an excellent alternative in prolonging product shelf life, especially only a few components has gone bad.

Beat the Sweat

Thank you for giving solution to my long standing problem, sweaty hands. This is great!

I have been using the Iontophoresis machine for two weeks now, and I can say that it really works. This product is life changing.

Easy to change

Not a very hands on person, but its just easy to replace without any need of instructons..

Recommend to buy this together with machine

Initially felt that it's not even necessary, since I'm really dubious about this product. Time flies and I have been using it for nearly 2 years to treat my sweating. Replaced all the old components and it does give me a sense of satisfaction!

All in one starter pack

good service.


super fast delivery, arrived day after purchase!

I have been using the product for 4 days now and I have seen results. Tnx.

Life changing

I don’t know it is fate or not. Happened to chance upon your product on Facebook ad, thus decided to have a leap of faith to buy the product also it is cheaper as compared to dermadry. #supportlocalsg
I have severe sweaty palms, and more so when i get nervous. Tried the first few days and boy oh boy, my palms was sweating more. But something amazing happens after 4-5 days. My sweating starts to decrease so significantly to a point whereby my palms are bone dry. During the process of my sweat reduction on my hands for the past week, I felt a renewed sense of life imbued in me. I can shake my friends hands without a second thought, hold a microphone firmly without sweat and many things. Now I only use the product once a week. It is that effective. And for those out there with severe sweaty palms give this product a try. You would be surprised how good this is. 5 stars

Worth it

Can last long

Replacement after 3 months

Realised that the electrode strips were a little dark after sometime. Great that they provided this for DIY replacement.

Sweat-free life forever

Definitely needing this. Fast delivery and btw nice packaging

Amazed by the results!! Was a little skeptical when I couldn't find any reviews of raynatics compared to the more expensive dermadry. Was even more worried when I started to swear more during the first few sessions. However, in a week's time my hands were completely dry, even when I'm nervous!! (Which has never happened before). Very satisfied with the product! Only thing that can be improved is some advice on recommended voltage (on average) or how much to replace the metal strips.


I have been a loyal customer of Raynatics for almost 2 years now, and I just have to say, this company has tremendously improved my quality of life! My sweaty palms and feet used to make me so unconfident and awkward, and it even affected my dating life because I didn't dare to hold my date's hand.

This has completely changed my life! My hyperhidrosis used to be pretty bad, to the point pearls of sweat would form. Now, it's so much drier and I'm so happy! Thank you Raynatics for making it so affordable compared to other brands, and it works just as well!

Super Effective

I haven’t completed the 14 days but i see results. I highly recommend this. Though i experienced some side effects like what was stated in the manual. I started at 12 then raised to 14. Im planning to raise it to 16 this week


Have been using Raynatics' device for nearly a year plus, still impressed by how they provide such good after sales service.

5 stars

Bought 2 pax to save shipping to India

Super nice

The product are very effective. Will see the results after 3 times of use

Great service and great product at affordable prices

Thank you so much for coming up with this excellent product. As a Singaporean, I am proud to say that this is Made in Singapore and made for the masses. My daughter has sweaty palms and has been going to the National Skin Centre for iontophoresis treatment every 2-3 weeks. With this machine at home that, she can do her treatment in the comfort of our home, reducing unnecessary travelling time. With the affordable cost of this machine, we can save money in the long run too. Not forgetting the great design of using the power bank so we do not need to be near a power socket when doing the treatment

Came in good condition


Stocked up

Regret not buying it with the machine. Nonetheless, bought alot more kits than I needed to save shipping cost and to prolong usage. Hope it really last!!


good condition

Quality towels