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I have been a loyal customer of Raynatics for almost 2 years now, and I just have to say, this company has tremendously improved my quality of life! My sweaty palms and feet used to make me so unconfident and awkward, and it even affected my dating life because I didn't dare to hold my date's hand.

This has completely changed my life! My hyperhidrosis used to be pretty bad, to the point pearls of sweat would form. Now, it's so much drier and I'm so happy! Thank you Raynatics for making it so affordable compared to other brands, and it works just as well!

Super Effective

I haven’t completed the 14 days but i see results. I highly recommend this. Though i experienced some side effects like what was stated in the manual. I started at 12 then raised to 14. Im planning to raise it to 16 this week

Super nice

The product are very effective. Will see the results after 3 times of use

Great service and great product at affordable prices

Thank you so much for coming up with this excellent product. As a Singaporean, I am proud to say that this is Made in Singapore and made for the masses. My daughter has sweaty palms and has been going to the National Skin Centre for iontophoresis treatment every 2-3 weeks. With this machine at home that, she can do her treatment in the comfort of our home, reducing unnecessary travelling time. With the affordable cost of this machine, we can save money in the long run too. Not forgetting the great design of using the power bank so we do not need to be near a power socket when doing the treatment

32 y/o mother with an angel

My husband got this for me during their year end sales. Have been suffering from excessive sweating for a long time and it felt even much worst after my baby was born 7 months ago. Tried using Raynatics a week ago and results were very evident. It is a relief in knowing I could finally grip my angel firmly and embark my motherhood.

Finally stopped using antiperspirant

Perspirex has always been my to-go antiperspirant to stop hand and foot sweating. It does block sweat to a certain extent, which can be costly since I could easily ramp up to 10 bottles/month with my sweating condition. My initial thought for this device is to try while not giving too many expectations.

Did a treatment exactly 6 days ago on my feet as it sweats a lot more than my palm. Really shocked by the results given it only needs water naturally, unlike the chemical ingredients stored in any antiperspirant that I had used.
I will now also reduce the intensity of my feet treatment since it has already stopped sweating and probably begin trying on my palm next week.

Easy to use

The instruction manual / video provided is easy to follow. The device fits perfectly with hands and feet, nothing to complain. Friends who do not want surgery or friends who do not have good results after surgery and do not want to have surgery, can try this anti-sweat device.

very good seller. item works well

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I swear it works and lets be real, i am not being sponsored. Hands were sweating profusely before and after using it for just 2 days, sweating has reduced to moderate scale. Finally on 7th day of initial treatment, I begin to feel like a normal person (ง •̀_•́)ง . Efficient support team! P.S: Simple code there to get my dear programmer's attention 😛

30 years of glory

It’s really amazing. The troubles that have plagued me for close to 30 years.. I can’t believe it, seriously. I’ve never been dry and was wondering if it will be as effective using it all the time, will skin grow accustomed to it? Call me an impatient man, but 30 minutes of treatment is the pain point of this product. Will be perfect if the treatment timing can be reduced and hoping to see more innovative product in the near future.

Veronica's review

I bought it with the attitude of giving it a try having it stated '30 days satisfaction'. I didn't expect it to be so effective and I was so happy that my hand sweat syndrome of more than 20 years was finally controlled. Product is seriously underrated.

Totally amazing experience!

I purchased it for my daughter who has mild-severe hyperhidrosis and I had her progress monitored. Could not ask for more as this machine has miraculously helped her confidence. Thank you Raynatics!

Good response and delivery. Video is short and simple and have an instruction manual in package. Overall a good and smooth experience.

I am happy

Having sweaty hands is the most irritating thing and only those has it can understand. I am happy that I tried it.

Changed my life

I was suffering from excessive feet sweating and was unable to wear slippers but covered shoes most of the time. Definitely noticed a big change in my sweating level. I am still using it to get rid of this problem completely.

Does the work

I bought it for my brother, he uses it for a week and said that it worked.

Solved my biggest problems

Was unable to have a proper grip on the dumbells during a workout. This sweating was my biggest problem and Raynatics solved it in a beautiful way. Now i have sweat free hands . Treatment procedure is easy and smooth.

Fast delivery

Logistics is super fast, try it today!

Highly recommended

Awesome sales team. Awesome product! The item was the delivered to my home literally hours after placing my orders. After only three days of using the product, I have noticed that my palms' sweating decreased. Results are even much more evident after continual usage for 8 days. My hands are completely dry, except tiny spots of perspiration on the side palm. Definitely will continue using the product and just can't wait for the final transformation. Thank u!!!!!!

Should've bought it earlier

The first time I received was a faulty one and seems to be rough handled by the logistic side. Contacted the support team and they were kind enough immediately sent me another one. Best customer service. In any case, it took me 7 or 8 days, starting from the first day of 4v, every day increasing by 1v, only for the next few days. By 7v, I don't sweat much anymore, my thumb still sweats a little while playing the game, my hands are very dry and very comfortable, just use a hand cream, and I do not have any adverse reactions. I just sweated a little bit more after 3.5 days. I have been paying attention to this product two years ago but have always been afraid of going through an electrotherapy and fearing that it will be super painful. Now that I have bought it, I don't have to worry about the above problems at all.

1 day result or placebo?

It's crazily amazing. I used it immediately after I received it yesterday ANDDDDD WHAT? It felt that my sweat reduction has reduced least 75% on the next day while doing my normal day activities. Can't tell if it's just my mind playing tricks, but will continue to use and monitor the progress.

This device really works.. i literally have no words to express my feelings for this device! i have been having sweaty palms since young, and this helped with my insecurities and of course, cured it! you must have patience and the results will be positive. thank you raynatics! 🙂


Thank you so much