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Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Anonymous (Netherlands)
Great results, it really works!

I was really excited to try raynatics out, as I am suffering from hyperhidrosis for many years now. I'm working as a medical intern, and trying to wear latex gloves or touching someone was a nightmare. The only con of this device is the fact that you have to change the electrode strips and towels. I have tried it on my hands first, and after 4 days I have seen great results!

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Yiu Chua (Singapore)

Help me solve my long yrs problems

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
VUONG NGO (Singapore)
Good product!

I'm currently have a quite good result thanks to the machine and hope it lasts long for my palms and legs.

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
hazel mah (Singapore)
Life! Changing!

This really really works. It took almost a week for me to see the results, after consistently doing daily sessions (started with one 30min session and increased it to 40min after a few days; I did high voltage at 30++ that was mildly uncomfortable but I wanted the results so so badly). I pole dance and weightlift every other day, and my grip is ALWAYS slippery from my palm sweat. Always. Even if the weather is good and the aircon is strong! So when I do these activities with ZERO sweat, I know this is it!!!

The very first time I felt the effect it was quite a weird, disorienting feeling. I usually get this surging sensation in my palms and feet when I’m about to sweat for no reason, but when I felt that sensation after a week of treatment, no sweat came! There’s some on my feet (I only treated my palms because I’m not particular about my feet sweat) but zero on my palms.

It’s been 3+ weeks now and i’m really enjoying my dry palms. They are so dry now they even flake lol it’s a little itchy so maybe time for me to use moisturiser some days.

The only con is really the time it takes, especially in the first week when it’s a daily affair. Luckily I’ve got a adjustable sofa table setup that lets me do this in front of the TV so if the show is entertaining, then the session is still okay. The process of having to fill the water every time and later wash up (just rinse with clean water) is a slight hassle but I just learnt to live with it lol.

Over the past two weeks I’ve dialled it down to twice a week at 30-40min each, and voltage at high 30s, so far so good with the maintenance!!

Last but not least, the support has been nothing short of awesome. I emailed a bunch of questions after I did my first session and had some doubts about whether I was doing things right, and asked about how to know when to charge the battery pack. The response came in about a day! Super nice folks and great service.

Thank you so much for making this device, and even more proud of the fact that this is from a Singapore company. #supportlocal I’m so glad I came across this when googling really hard one day about treatments, now I don’t have to keep trying different topical creams, or worry about the cost of botox or even surgery. Keep going, Raynatics!!

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Mei Ling Tan (Singapore)
It works on first try!

I have very serious sweaty palm conditions. At the first try, my hands became dry but the next day my hands started to sweat again in the afternoon. Need to be diligent in using Raynatics in order to get long lasting result. Worth buying!

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Charanjit Singh (Singapore)
Use of Raynatics Iontophorsis Machine

I am happy with the results thus far. After using for 3 days my hands are dry. There was some itchiness earlier which is subsiding.
Please advice how and where can I buy the expendables e.g. towels, electrodes etc

Very effective treatment

Initially, my daughter had very sweaty palms that would interfere with daily life and so we thought to try this product to see if it would help as other treatment methods didn’t work. After using this product for about 10-12 days, there was a very noticeable difference - her palms were basically dry and if there was any sweat, it was very minimal. Now after a month, her palms are dry. One minor complaint though - the potentiometer should be turned clockwise to increase the voltage, which is standard, instead of anti-clockwise which is the case on the machine received

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Maciej Mazur (Poland)
Good product, really works!

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with sweating problems. It's very easy to use and so far I am seeing only positive results. It's really a game changer. Very fast shipping and nice packaging.

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Sherwin Lim (Singapore)

Good product. Device works well

It really works, but it takes time.

I bought this contraption feeling skeptical about its proposed effects. Day 1-3: about 10v, no effect. Day 4-6: about 15v, notice less consistent sweating throughout the day, but sweat comes in uncontrollable bursts during the most unexpected times (e.g., when eating). Day 7-10: about 20v, no sweating on palm & between fingers at all, occasional sweat formation on top of fingers. Day 11-now: maintain 20v, doing 2 times a week.

In all, give it approx. 2 weeks to take full effect, now I notice no sweating even in situations where I usually sweat (e.g., driving). Occasionally sweat still forms on the side/top of fingers but less intense than before treatment. But still unable to reach the maximum 40v.

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Anonymous (Singapore)
Life changing

Having sweaty palms and feet was an insufferable experience ranging from social encounters to doing things like writing, using the laptop or sewing. This meant having a slippery and wet feeling a lot of the time. After 7 days of usage, the sweating has almost disappeared save for the tips of the fingers and toes. The solution provided by Raynatics was to put more water into the tray to ensure that the tips could be submerged. While I did encounter some unbearable itchiness from the first few days of the treatment and now slightly dry hands, I’ll take this over having overly moist hands and feet! Really and truly life changing!

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Jimmy Chee (Singapore)
First time use

Delivery of the product was quite fast. First time using it, hope the sweating can be controlled. The power bank does not show the amount of charge left so user does not know when to recharge

A very good product!

I have been getting Iontophoresis therapy in the National Skin Centre Singapore for about two months. Then based on their recommendation, I bought Raynatics for getting the therapy at home. The dry palms & soles impact is effective immediately with less side effects such as sore throat and dry lips.

I feel much better now. Thanks for creating this product, Raynatics!

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Anjum Jain (Singapore)

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
jona huelva (Hong Kong)

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Annalyn Arellano (Philippines)
Seeing good results!

My daughter has been using the machine for 10 days now and so far we are seeing good results. Sweating in her hands has lessen significantly hence we can say the machine really works! The only reason I'm giving it 4-stars instead of 5-stars is the shipment tax or duty fee that I have to pay in addition, I did not expect it will be that costly.

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Roy Chan (Singapore)
Great Product

Bought it for my son who suffers from sweaty palms and feet. It was a real game changer after his first treatment using the machine. No more sweaty palms. Thank you Ray for sharing this great product with us.

Starter Kit
Meng Hwee Siaw (Singapore)
Starter kit


Simple to use and effective

I tried iontophoresis for a while many years ago at a medical centre for my sweaty palms and found it effective. Never realised there was a machine available for use at home. As my daughter also has hyperhidrosis, when I came across this, I thought it was worth a try. Happy to say we have both seen a huge improvement after using daily for just over a week - hands are pretty much dry. The only side effect was some itching near the wrist area for a couple of days, but that has subsided. Highly recommend it!

Totally recommend this!!

I have used it for 1 week and seen such an amazing improvement. My palms sweat much less!!! Absolutely happy with the product and recommend it to anyone with the same problem.

Very effective product.

I've been using it for a week. And I personally do not recommend doing it two times a day on max voltage if your pain tolerance is high.

Cause even tho you don't feel the pain. The high voltage will still kill your blood causing varicose veins aka itchy hands. So besides factoring in on the comfort level. Do your best to keep watch. The moments your hands have a slight itch. Try to skip a day or two. And lower the voltage the next time you do it.

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with sweating problems. Just don't over use it. Itchy hands are annoying.

Raynatics' Iontophoresis Machine
Klarika Kolyadko (Germany)
Die beste Behandlung gegen Schweisshände

Ich habe das Gerät im Internet gesehen und sofort bestellt. Das Päckchen kam nach paar Tagen in Deutschland an und ich probierte die Behandlung gleich aus. Im kleinen Infobuch stehen alle Daten zur Anwendung, die super einfach ist. Im Set sind alle Teile drinnen, die man für die Behandlung von Hängen oder Füssen braucht. Ich habe jetzt 2 Wochen meine Hände behandelt und sehe Erfolg, indem meine Hände weniger Schweiss ausstossen. Die Hände sind zwar sensibel, ich habe auch Untertemperatur, dennoch aber häufiger trocken als davor. Ich bin der Meinung, dass wenn ich das Gerät kontinuierlich 2-3 Wochen mehr benutze, dass es auf jeden Fall einen mega Erfolg haben wird.

You should give yourself a try!

I'm almost prepared to wrap up all the equipment, send it back and get my refund ( I even kept the postal plastic bag in case it says it needs to be returned as to how it was sent to me). Since most of the reviews stated that they have seen the result in seven days, I was quite frustrated after one week of treatment without any slight improvement. I was afraid that I'm one of the 2% people (the company claims that it was 98% effective).

But, based on the instruction manual, people who have a more severe level of hyperhidrosis take more time to see the result. After two weeks and one day of treatment, I have finally seen a positive result.

While I'm not totally sweat-free on my palm (area from index finger to thumb still will sweat, but it is just little), I'm quite satisfied with the result. My feet will also sweat a little sometimes but they usually dry up in a short time. By the way, I found that my armpit is less sweaty than before and although I don't even do any treatment on that part.

Currently, I'm still in the initial phase where I have to do the treatment continuously. I hope that it still does the magic to me in the maintenance phase.

I really recommend people who have hyperhidrosis issues to try this out. It is cheaper than another more well-known brand, and even if you are unfortunate to be one of the 2% people, you will also get your money back. (Perhaps Raynatics should amend its return policy so that those who can't see the result even after 30 days of treatment can get their money back.)

*A small complaint from me is that the electrode plate is a little small for people who have big feet. Raynatics should really consider enlarging it.

In short, you should give yourself a try!

Expensive but effective.

My son usually had to wear socks at home coz of his sweaty feet. Aft abt 2 weeks of 1x daily treatment, we saw the positive effect. Now its every 2 or 3 days to maintain. I recommend 👍

Life- changing machine

I have severe hyperhidrosis for my palms and feet. Happen to come across Raynatics machine and was trying it out with an open mind.
My palms and feet were sweating much more than usual for the first 3 days of the treatment. However, from the 4/5th day, I see dry palms and feet, something I have never experienced in Singapore's humid weather.

Will definitely recommend anyone with hyperhidrosis to try this out!