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Starter Kit
Zain (Singapore)
Good quality

It would have been better if we can buy the consumables separately. I just need the microfibres and the aluminium plates, but now I have additional cables that are not so useful because the old cables are still working perfectly.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Setiawan Lim (Singapore)

Been using it for more than 2 years. It works great. Daily for 2 weeks in the start. Weekly once maintenance since then.

Does work to minimise sweaty palms

So far have completed 1 week with hands, now doing feet. Works quite well on hands, minimal sweating on fingertips but otherwise much drier than before. However, joints feel a bit stiff after the treatment and still a few days after, even when never use max voltage. Really hope stiffness will go away soon.

Side fingers

The side of the fingers are still sweating, are there other customers facing similar problem? And can it be resolve? Please advice. Thanks

a godsend

An awesome & reasonably price product that i think all hyperhidrosis sufferer should try! Mine was a serious condition whereby my palm and feet will be dripping wet but i've done surgery for palms only. After trying this device for 2 weeks, i had dry feet for a week already, just the sides of the feet that is not in contact with the current still have pearly sweats. Side effect wise, i do experience some itching and tiny blisters. But that won't deter me from using the device as the outcome is so desirable (for a person who have to wear sock at home 90% of the time), while the side effects is just temporary. I would totally recommend this product, and i suggest using warm tap water which i find it a better conductor.
Side note: I hope the company introduce accessory for Underarm soon since it's usually 1 of a common area for Hyperhidrosis

Still sweating

In the first week, my son used it for 15min before polarity switch, and have increased it to 20min before polarity switch, for the past two and a half weeks. He does it every night, with the voltage slowly increasing from 25 to 35 to 42 (maximum voltage) with it reaching currents between 18-20. He does this once every night. Palms are still sweating. Pls advise.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Mellisa Hartono (Singapore)

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine

I Can Finally Wear Sandals!

This product is life changing! I wish I discovered it much sooner. I followed instructions and after a week of use my hands and feet were dry. My confidence is way up. I can finally feel comfortable walking barefoot in peoples houses and giving high fives. I’ve tried topical creams and medication but this is the only product that truly worked. Here are some things I discovered about treatment: 1) You’ll get much sweatier than usual when you first start but it got better after a week, 2) Getting water on your wrist during treatment can cause blisters, 3) Lower the voltage if it’s uncomfortable because it still works, 4) Some parts of your hands and feet like the sides will still be sweaty because it doesn’t get any voltage, 5) You can get extremely itchy and dry.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Anonymous (Singapore)

Significantly reduced any form of sweating on my palms (to almost none) after 7 days of usage! I have previously tried antiperspirant solutions but to no avail. Happy to have found this product, definitely recommend to anyone suffering from sweaty palms 🙂

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Mrs Teo (Singapore)
Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine

Delivery is fast and excellent customer after-sale service . Was sent a replacement set promptly after the crocodile clip broke after 1st use. Machine works well and daughter’s palms less sweaty after 1 week of usage.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Cai Ling Koh (Singapore)

Works but need to conscientiously use it to sustain effect.

Best decision ever

Came across ur Tiktok video and did a whole research on your site cause I was afraid it might not work or just a scam. In the end I decided to give it a try as you guys are having a sale anyway. I have hyperhidrosis my whole life, heavily sweaty hands, sweaty feet and even armpit. Absolute zero confident and desperate for a change. I am very happy to say that my hands and feet are sweat free after 4-5 days of using. Still using almost everyday to maintain the result.
There are some side effects tho, my hands are peeling and during session its quite itchy but cannot deny the fact that its working better than any of the medicine I used in the past.
Fast shipping and very easy to use. Very recommended!!

Amazing product ever!

I have been suffering from sweaty hands and feet since I was young. And conscious shaking other peoples hands to the point that some people made fun of me for it. Soon as I saw this on tiktok I find it interesting and bought it few days later. Been using it for 9 straight days and both my hands and feet are unbelievably dry and I could’ve been happier. So grateful for this product and highly recommended it to everyone who’s suffering for hyperhidrosis. The secret is to stay consistent throughout the process and tolerate the discomfort that you will experience throughout the process. The post side effect I felt was just a slight itchiness that would go away later on. Wish I can use other towels because it takes a while for it to dry. Nevertheless, kudos to the guys who created this product and keep it up 👍🏼

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Yuan Leow (Singapore)

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine

This week 2 going into week 3. Have done 7 days straight as advised in week 1. And done 2 sessions in week 2 as maintenance. Thus far has not had a sweat incident which is great. Actually wanted to wait out till week 4 to see if results stay consistent. But thus far pretty okay. A drawback though - the hands can get really itchy post session 😳

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Shan Kai Tiong (Singapore)
Good product

Been using for 7 plus days! Sweat has reduced by a significant amount!!

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Anonymous (Netherlands)
Great results, it really works!

I was really excited to try raynatics out, as I am suffering from hyperhidrosis for many years now. I'm working as a medical intern, and trying to wear latex gloves or touching someone was a nightmare. The only con of this device is the fact that you have to change the electrode strips and towels. I have tried it on my hands first, and after 4 days I have seen great results!

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Yiu Chua (Singapore)

Help me solve my long yrs problems

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
VUONG NGO (Singapore)
Good product!

I'm currently have a quite good result thanks to the machine and hope it lasts long for my palms and legs.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
hazel mah (Singapore)
Life! Changing!

This really really works. It took almost a week for me to see the results, after consistently doing daily sessions (started with one 30min session and increased it to 40min after a few days; I did high voltage at 30++ that was mildly uncomfortable but I wanted the results so so badly). I pole dance and weightlift every other day, and my grip is ALWAYS slippery from my palm sweat. Always. Even if the weather is good and the aircon is strong! So when I do these activities with ZERO sweat, I know this is it!!!

The very first time I felt the effect it was quite a weird, disorienting feeling. I usually get this surging sensation in my palms and feet when I’m about to sweat for no reason, but when I felt that sensation after a week of treatment, no sweat came! There’s some on my feet (I only treated my palms because I’m not particular about my feet sweat) but zero on my palms.

It’s been 3+ weeks now and i’m really enjoying my dry palms. They are so dry now they even flake lol it’s a little itchy so maybe time for me to use moisturiser some days.

The only con is really the time it takes, especially in the first week when it’s a daily affair. Luckily I’ve got a adjustable sofa table setup that lets me do this in front of the TV so if the show is entertaining, then the session is still okay. The process of having to fill the water every time and later wash up (just rinse with clean water) is a slight hassle but I just learnt to live with it lol.

Over the past two weeks I’ve dialled it down to twice a week at 30-40min each, and voltage at high 30s, so far so good with the maintenance!!

Last but not least, the support has been nothing short of awesome. I emailed a bunch of questions after I did my first session and had some doubts about whether I was doing things right, and asked about how to know when to charge the battery pack. The response came in about a day! Super nice folks and great service.

Thank you so much for making this device, and even more proud of the fact that this is from a Singapore company. #supportlocal I’m so glad I came across this when googling really hard one day about treatments, now I don’t have to keep trying different topical creams, or worry about the cost of botox or even surgery. Keep going, Raynatics!!

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Mei Ling Tan (Singapore)
It works on first try!

I have very serious sweaty palm conditions. At the first try, my hands became dry but the next day my hands started to sweat again in the afternoon. Need to be diligent in using Raynatics in order to get long lasting result. Worth buying!

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Charanjit Singh (Singapore)
Use of Raynatics Iontophorsis Machine

I am happy with the results thus far. After using for 3 days my hands are dry. There was some itchiness earlier which is subsiding.
Please advice how and where can I buy the expendables e.g. towels, electrodes etc

Very effective treatment

Initially, my daughter had very sweaty palms that would interfere with daily life and so we thought to try this product to see if it would help as other treatment methods didn’t work. After using this product for about 10-12 days, there was a very noticeable difference - her palms were basically dry and if there was any sweat, it was very minimal. Now after a month, her palms are dry. One minor complaint though - the potentiometer should be turned clockwise to increase the voltage, which is standard, instead of anti-clockwise which is the case on the machine received

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Maciej Mazur (Poland)
Good product, really works!

I would highly recommend this product for anyone with sweating problems. It's very easy to use and so far I am seeing only positive results. It's really a game changer. Very fast shipping and nice packaging.

Raynatics Iontophoresis Machine
Sherwin Lim (Singapore)

Good product. Device works well