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Finally stopped using antiperspirant

Perspirex has always been my to-go antiperspirant to stop hand and foot sweating. It does block sweat to a certain extent, which can be costly since I could easily ramp up to 10 bottles/month with my sweating condition. My initial thought for this device is to try while not giving too many expectations.

Did a treatment exactly 6 days ago on my feet as it sweats a lot more than my palm. Really shocked by the results given it only needs water naturally, unlike the chemical ingredients stored in any antiperspirant that I had used.
I will now also reduce the intensity of my feet treatment since it has already stopped sweating and probably begin trying on my palm next week.

Solved my biggest problems

Was unable to have a proper grip on the dumbells during a workout. This sweating was my biggest problem and Raynatics solved it in a beautiful way. Now i have sweat free hands . Treatment procedure is easy and smooth.

A special gift for someone

I ordered it this morning and i received the item in the evening. Same day delivery! That is really super fast via DHL! Bought this as a gift so I hope it works!

Thank you Team Raynatics

Thanks, good product.

I am happy

I have had a problem since childhood with heavy sweating of the legs and arms. It hindered me in every activity, even the most ordinary children's games. At school, everything was getting wet (like notebooks).

Effective procedure

Very painless and effective procedure. I was using injections and antiperspirants before that was painful procedure for me but i was ready to bear anything that i thought would lead me to sweat free condition . Then i came across the ad of this machine. This was my last hope and i am so much amazed by the time period in which it started showing results. Awesome

I am happy

I am happy to use Raynatics machine. I love the way in which it was merticulously packed.

Awesome result!!

Significant less sweaty palm even only after 2 weeks usage! Love this product.

Wonderful machine

I feel my hand and feet total dry after 3 weeks. If i could rate the effectiveness scale of 10, it would be easily a 10. Personally, my results were only significant on the 2 week mark, 85% of sweating was reduced.

Just amazing

I have had problems with wet palms and wet feet for years, I have tried everything available on the market, and finally found your product. Initially, I thought the machine may be a gimmick and would not work. However, given the continued embarrassment of having wet hands I bought it. After 6 sessions ,i saw my palms and feet were dry for days and I cant really understand how it works but its the best investment I have made and now I can shake hands, use a PC without wet keys, and i am more confident now . Its works and its cost is nothing compared to the what I was paying for lotions and potions from my specialist. The best device and investment i have made. if you have the same problems like me , try it. It really works.

Silky dry palms

Being a teacher/educator requires alot of phyical writing. Unfortunately, life is not always smooth sailling as I could not emphasis how hyperhidrosis has always been a menance in my life. Came to know about this product and I thought to give it a shot. ABRACADABRA...1 week in, I am already feeling silky dry.

Great Product!

Thanks a lot for the services.

Gave my boy back his confidence

My boy has always been a timid teen and having hyperhidrosis is just not doing any justice either. Happens to stumble upon this ad and decided to let him try without much expectation in mind.
I was flabbergasted when he told me on the 8th day that this magic machine does miracle. Seeing the grin on his face, warm the cockles of my heart.

Better cleaning as a housewife

Being a housewife, I have my way around the house and it was not wise having sweaty hands and feet. Imagining, redepositing the dirt from my sweating glands to a sparkling clean vase and shiny marble flooring. Urghh just by typing out vexes me. Not sure if I should even thanks Raynatics like everyone else.. since I could potentially do more chorses now....

After 3 weeks

I've been using the machine for 3 weeks, supposingly to be on maintenance as suggested from the treatment schedule. It is really a great feeling wake up to; Dry palms.

I thought it was another gimmick

Never ever in my life I had came across this method of treatment. Decided to give it a try knowing there's 30days refund. After 2 weeks, I was certainly impressed. This machine is a miracle!

A true miracle!!

so far so good,I knew that I can trust you 🙂


I am a driver and i have to wear gloves all time to be safe.Sweating rate of my palms was on another level and i was just so dissppointed my whole life, lacking of the basic confidence. It was very irritating for me to have sweaty hands. I tried it for 2 months and has definitely helped me to be off from glove. It was worth the price for such great results.

I am glad that I came across Raynatics

Living with palmar hyperhidrosis for almost my entire life could be very disturbing and discouraging in many ways. Those who are not in the same situation as we are will never understand our frustration and
the inconveniences that we face. I am glad that I came across Raynatics which is a non-invasive and effective treatment. After using it for a while, I've seen improvement in my hyperhidrosis condition. I gained more confidence and I can grab anything I want without feeling scared of leaving sweat stains on the surface.

I feel better now

I am fully satisfied with this product. On my second week of maintenance treatment.

Really Works!!!

used it consistently for two weeks and it really works.

Better than advertised

Just wow! I've been battling hyperhidrosis for years and then just like that, you guys turned the tables around to my benefit, this is a game changer. I wish I had known the machine a long long time ago. Anyhow, thank you so much for this amazing product. Will definitely recommend this to friends and families.


It worked for me but my hands are too much dry now LOL.

Life Changing Device!

This device has seriously changed my life. My hands and feet are totally dry - I can do things like hold paper and wear sandals that other people take for granted but that I was never able to do.

Proven method to treat excessive sweating

I am a regular patient of National Skin Centre (NSC) and has been diagnosed with palmer hyperhidrosis. Iontophoresis treatment is indeed a proven method for excessive sweating. However, going back and fro on an appointment is just not sustainable. Now that I have owned a set of device, it is liberating to know that I could begin treatment at any time of the day in the comfort of my own home.

The device is similar to the one used in NSC, or even better since it was not attached to an AC socket. However, I would advise not to toggle on a high voltage on your first use. Thanks for reading.