What is Iontophoresis Machine?

Iontophoresis is a natural treatment that has been around for decades and has proven to treat the majority of the patients with palmar and plantar hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of hands & feet).

This treatment utilizes mild electrical current to treat excessive sweating, which interferes directly with sweat glands just below the outer layer of the skin.

Does this device really works?

Raynatics’ Iontophoresis Machine has proven to treat more than 98%-100% of our users within 7-10days of consecutive usage, even the most serious hyperhidrosis cases!

Thus, we can be assured that the results are guaranteed! 💯

What are the unique safety features?

Raynatics operates on a external power source(portable usage) which eliminates the possible risk of an electrical power surged as compared to using AC power plugs.
Controller’s “anti-shock” function will only ascend back to its preset current when the user re-submerges back for treatment.

Is this device suitable for me?

Certains conditions or factors can cause adverse effects when using the machine. For your own safety, please:

Do not use this device during pregnancy.
Do not use this device for children under 12 years of age.
Do not use this device if you have metallic implants within the current path (arm or leg).
Do not use this device if you have a suspected or diagnosed heart problems or epilepsy.
Do not use this device if you suffer from cancer or if you are electrically sensitive.
Do not use this device with metallic jewellery around hands and feet.
Do not use this device if you have any skin damage or open wounds.
Do not use this device if you have abnormally sensitive skin (e.g. Herpes).

Are there any side effects?

Some users may experience skin peeling, which is only seasonal. This is a good indication that the device is doing its work in rejecting sweating glands to acquire dry palms or feet.

What voltage should I set on the Controller?

We would usually advise user to treat on a maximum tolerable range to fully optimize the treatment process. This can be done by slowly adjusting the Controller, while experimenting to a voltage value that is comfortable yet feeling a “tingling” sensation.

*The maximum tolerable range may differs from both palms / feet due to a thicker calluses built up on either.

How long should a session be?

Generally, a 30 mins session will be suffice for most user. Depending on severity, users could also consider doing up to a 60 mins session to fully optimize the treatment process.

*Note: please swap polarity upon half the treatment’s duration.

What’s polarity and how to swap it?

Polarity is the flow of the current. Swapping it upon half the treatment’s duration is important in optimizing the treatment process. To proceed, simply ensure that the treated region (palms/feet) are lifted away from the electrode plate. Unplug the crocodile cable and clip them back in the opposite electrode strips as they were before.

Can I do more than 1 session in a day?

Yes, you could. However, it is not advisable to go anything above 2 sessions.

What solvent to use?

As tap water contains ion, it allows a small amount of current to pass through. This is already sufficient to optimize the effect on our iontophoresis machine. Furthermore, It’s believed that certain dermatologists added medical solutions or even baking soda in the process of electrotherapy, to cater to individual needs.

However, we would usually advise our user to only begin with normal tap water, as it works best & does not have any adverse effects.

I feel like I’m sweating a little more upon usage. Is this normal?

It is perfectly fine to sweat a little more within the first few treatments. Stay positive and patient, results will be significantly come after a few more session.

What if I don’t feel any “tingling” sensations even at maximum voltage range?
Case 1: Higher skin’s resistance

This is the common reason why some users may not have experience the sensation. Hence, we will generally advise to soak the treated region (palms/feet) on warm water before beginning a session. During the treatment process, warm water can also be used.

Case 2: Iontophoresis treatment works best when user are sweating

Sweaty glands has a high concentration of (Na+) which allows ionization to take place during the treatment process. During a comfortable setting, patient with ‘mild’ hyperthyroidism may experience this situation. Thus, iontophoresis may take a longer time to take its effect in this particular case.

Can I use my own cloth?

Please abstain using a different type of cloth and materials, as the provided microfiber cloth are best suited in treatment process.